5 Qualities that Make a Good Photo…Great!

When it comes to photography, there are snapshots and then there are photos. What’s the difference? Plenty! A snapshot is considered a superficial image, a quick record of something or someone. Most people take snapshots. But a photograph is a more meaningful image, in terms of composition, lighting and the emotion it evokes.

Here are 6 qualities that make for great photos:

1. Timelessness: A great image makes you appreciate its impact regardless of where and when and how it was taken.

2. It doesn’t need explanation: Good photography often has multiple layers and depth to it, when an image is strong the viewers will understand this. If you have to explain your composition to the viewer, your composition hasn’t worked.

3. It tells a story: There is often a narrative sequence in good images that viewers will understand and make them feel more connected to the image. A sign of a good photographer is one who uses images to tell stories, rather than capturing a series of isolated images.

4. The form suits the content: The way the subject is framed, how the photo is exposed and what elements in the photo are sharp vs. out of focus should suit the subject.

5. They convey emotion: Another hallmark of a great image is that it provokes an emotional response in the viewer. But an image that makes you feel something has succeeded.

Photographer Sean Hawk of Hawk Design has combined his mastery of technology and art to form a creative boutique photography studio specializing in all types of genres. From formal portraits to products, events and lifestyle photography, we will work closely with you to make sure we meet — and exceed — your expectations. For more information, give us a call today.

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