Comicbook Heroes Workshop hosted by Mac Brown and Jessilyn Chow

This is the first set of Cosplay that I shot in a controlled environment (outside of the chaos of a convention). I was invited to attend late in the planning phase and was super ambivalent about not knowing anyone and having to fit in with other experienced photogs. I think it went better than I imagined considering all shooting space was claimed and I was left to improvise with the smallest area to work in.

In order of shooting: Shawna Flock (Poison Ivy), Tyler Lochmandy (Aquaman), Courtney Hargis (Black Canary), Korynn Egener (Domino), Ashley Eileen (Emma Frost), Mac Brown (Lady Death), Ashley Prescott (Nightwing) and Jessilyn Chow (Harley Quinn).



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