Cosplay Photoshoot Madness! 50% OFF!

COVID-19 completely erased ComicCon season this year; after February everything was either cancelled or converted to an online experience. This means the legion of Cosplayers around the world were left with designs they worked hard to put together but nowhere to show them off.

In honor of my fellow Cosplayers (yes, me too!) and with restrictions easing just a bit in the Chicagoland area I’ve decided on a generous promotion: 50% off Cosplay Shoots with nothing held back as part of the package. Here’s what you’ll get for just $125!:

· Seven finished and edited (vfx, compositing, etc) photos in ultra-high res

· A free 8”x10” full color print of the photo of your choosing

· Extra copies of your images in a social media friendly format ready for posting

· The option to select more photo and prints (at a discount!)

Where Will the Shoot Take Place?

Shoots can be in-studio or on location so long as it’s in area—otherwise a travel fee might be required.

Can I Bring A Friend?


What About More Than One Person Being Shot? Does that raise the cost?

It depends. If you’re still happy with seven final images you can include as many people as feasible. If each person wants seven photos then we can discuss a +1 discount. 😊

How Do I Sign Up?

Click the contact link in the menu bar and I’ll reach out to you ASAP. Oh, you might want to check your SPAM filter if you don’t see my e-mail!

Make sure you get your appointment locked in—I can’t keep this promotion forever!

Cheers! Sean

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